San Francisco Mission district food tour

San Francisco Mission district food tour

We are told to meet at the corner of 14th and Mission street across from the armory (A large brick building that looks like a prison and was a real armory and sporting venue built-in the early 20th century) waiting for our Mission street food tour to begin. Right on time our tour guide, Michael approaches and we wait a few more minutes to collect the last stragglers before we begin the tour. We start by walking a whole block to our first stop at 4505 Meats on 1909 Mission street. A local butcher and meat purveyor, 4505 Meats sell a variety of fresh meat cuts, sausages and charcuterie to the public. We start off sampling some yummy hot dogs with bacon bits – they are so moist and flavorful dressed up in a bit of Dijon spread. Right afterwards, they take out some fresh made pork rinds – they just melt in your mouth after the first crunchy bite. Scary, I almost ate a whole bag to myself, they are that good! Continued

The Story of Oofty-Goofty

The Story of Oofty-Goofty

Big Bertha and Oofty Goofty, San Francisco, CA in the mid 1880’s

Big Bertha arrived in San Francisco in the middle eighteen-eighties, posing as a wealthy Jewish widow searching for a good man to take care of her money, which she described as being far more than she could count. She required each suitor to transfer to her a sum of money, to be added to an equal sum of her own, the whole to be…

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Alexander Alioto Opening Italian Restaurant on Valencia St

Alexander Alioto Opening Italian Restaurant on Valencia St

Another Monkey Becomes Another Alioto Italian Restaurant

Into the gorgeous space that used to be Another Monkey, a new restaurant has opened: Plin, from none-other than Alexander Alioto.  Alexander Alioto, who is of course the former chef and partner behind the Seven Hills on Russian Hill, home of the Raviolo Al Uovo- a  giant pasta pocket filled with spinach, ricotta and oozing egg yolk…Yum.…

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Pop Gourmet Food Festival at J Pop Summit 2014

Pop Gourmet Food Festival at J Pop Summit 2014


July 19 (Sat) & July 20 (Sun), 11am-6pm
on Post & Webster at Fillmore Street

POP GOURMET is a food festival that serves up a mix of Japanese delicacies and gourmet foods from San Francisco. Come enjoy popular local food trucks, exclusive sake tasting by select sake makers and distributors, a wide range of Japanese beverages, and Ramen…

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Tomorrow and Sunday in Japantown: J POP Summit Festival

Tomorrow and Sunday in Japantown: J POP Summit Festival


- Main Menu -HomeNewsScheduleEvents- May’n Live @ Slim’s- Japan Film Festival of SF- J-POP LIVE at UNION SQUARE- KAWAii!! Events in SF- BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT FASHION CONTEST- 1000 Treasure Hunters 2014- Autograph Session by KEI- ‘Odottemita’ Dance Contest- J-POP IDOL 2014- COSPLAY MASQARADE- Pocky Eating…

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A Cannoli and Coffee Moment

A Cannoli and Coffee Moment

A Cannoli and Coffee Moment

North Beach cannoli and coffee go so well together that I am glad I live in the Mission District.

But if you are sharing a cannoli with a good friend, do you know the proper way to cut a cannoli in half so that you don’t crush the delicate pastry? One of our customers will demonstrate in this video, and below that is a tried and true recipe for delicious iced coffee,…

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What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas Girl living in San Francisco

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas Girl living in San Francisco

what the hills y’all: Explore San Francisco Food Tour, Mission North 4 Replies

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco

Have you ever been on a food tour? I’ve never been on one, but since I live in San Francisco in a mecca of food comas, I thought it would be great to take my mom and sister on one while they were in town.san-francisco-food-tourI’ve always been somewhat of a…

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Lard Becomes Fashionable Again

Lard Becomes Fashionable Again


Why Fat is Back on the Menu Lard is being smeared on sourdough, draped over scallops and boiled up for triple-cooked chips – and it might even be good for us. Are you a fan of pig fat?

Lardo di colonnata

Lardo di colonnata, the fanciest of fats. Photograph: Alamy

You’ve got to love food fashion. Just an arrhythmic heartbeat ago, or so it seems, lard was the artery-clogging work of the devil. These…

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BYOB Summer Brunch Pop-Up

BYOB Summer Brunch Pop-Up



We know you love brunch (who doesn’t?), so we wanted to let you know about one of the coolest brunches in town: Ante Meridian, a pop-up brunch by star chef Anthony Yang (formerly of Per Se and Michael Mina).

In a converted mansion called Naked Kitchen, Chef Yang prepares Instagram-worthy, multi-course meals that taste even better…

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